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Autumn Leaves is a crafting and exploration game. Explore the world and find obelisks that unlock memories. Build crazy machines to escape the strange world you're stuck in.

The game takes around an hour or two to complete and it only has one ending. The game auto-saves often and it auto-loads when you open it again.

CW: The game contains a small amount of flashing imagery.


 10 Different Machines.
 9 Different Items.
 A Spooky Story.
 A Cute Ghost Kitty.
 A Lot of Dead Leaves.


If you're stuck in the game or having trouble with certain mechanic, then here's a list of the controls and mechanics:

  • You can destroy trees, graves, and tombstones by holding the right mouse button on them.
  • You can open the ghost's crafting menu by pressing E while hovering your cursor over the ghost.
  • You can open a machine's menu by holding your cursor over it and pressing E.
  • You can activate obelisks to unlock more recipes by hovering your cursor over them and clicking the right mouse button.
  • You can interact with Koshak (the ghost cat) by hovering over them and pressing E.
  • You can drop items from your inventory by hovering your cursor over a certain slot and pressing the right mouse button.
  • Connect a machine that makes power to a machine that needs power by holding your cursor over the power machine while it's menu is open and press C. Then hold your cursor over the machine you want to connect it to and press C again. Do the same to disconnect them.
  • Input boxes are always on the left side of the machine's menu. Click them with the left mouse button to add items or click it with the right mouse button to withdraw.
  • Output boxes are always on the right side of the machine's menu. Click it with the left mouse button to collect however many items it contains.
  • Hold escape to close the game.
  • The game auto-saves and auto-loads.


Programming, art and music by Kyanite Heart (me).
Sound effects are mostly from freesound.org.
Thanks to Waffleflower and my girlfriend for testing the game.

Koshak the kitty! - Koshak the kitty wishes you good luck!

Remember to leave a rating if you play it! It really means a lot to see some feedback <3

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorKyanite Heart
Made withFL Studio, GameMaker
Tags2D, Cats, Crafting, Exploration, Ghosts, Halloween, Singleplayer, Top-Down, weird
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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I can't find the cat TvT


once you find the mouse toy (after finding enough obelisks), he'll appear next time you open a grave! you can also throw the toy to him and he'll go play with it c:

any grave?


it should be!

I'm stupid:(((( I can't connect the power machine to quark machine. it worked with wood clipper at first, then i disconnected it and now i can't connect it again. so nothing works now


hmm that kinda sounds like a bug and not you being stupid haha. i'm sure how to really help unless you can send me the save file

Really nice job! A solid little crafting game with some story to keep it interesting. Loved the appearance of Koshak in game :) Extra props to the audio for having unique sounds for each resource and unique audio tracks based on your progression. I did enjoy the dialogue changing over time too. Great work!


CUTE LITTLE GAME........ It was really therapeutic!! Sending Koshak off to play with the little mouse as the funny devices slowly work up their energy storage was nice and relaxing, as was the whole kinda-Don't-Starve aesthetic and gameplay.

played the game on stream today!! it had a really nice melancholy and relaxing vibe, and it's an especially nice game to stream since I could talk to chat while chillin waiting for machines to do their thing :> not as gay as I'd hoped tho

glad you enjoyed it! and yeah i made this one before i got the confidence to write cute gay stories hehe

time to update the game with a new machine and all it does is make the mc gay as fuck /j


So beautiful! I love the mood, themes, art, music, and writing! A little darker than what I normally play, but I’m glad I tried it~~ Koshak is the best! 👻😺🍂

I'm glad you liked it! Especially if this isn't the kind of game you would usually play. And damn right Koshak is the best :P


Wonderful and poetical game. Very beautiful game and great moment. Thks Kyanite Heart for that! :)

I realized I never replied to this! Thank you so much for this lovely comment. It means a lot to hear this :)