Update v1.1.0 - New Art & Extra Content

Hey everyone! The big update is here!! I improved nearly all the art assets for the game and wrote 5 extra scenes that made the game nearly twice as long! They're unlocked after you've completed the game but you'll have to skip through the entire game again, if you completed it before the update. Sorry, I'm a trash programmer. That's just how it's gonna be... But I also decided to add Blind Gunner (the arcade game Chamomile talks about) to the game. That's right! Now you can also get addicted to Blind Gunner. My own personal highscore is 10940. Let me know if you beat it!

Change Log v1.1.0 - New Art & Extra Content

  • 5 extra scenes added (unlocked after completing the game).
  • Most art assets have been updated.
  • New art collection.
  • 'Blind Gunner' (the arcade game) is now playable.
  • Typo fixes.
  • General polishing.

Future Plans

Yup! I've got even more plans for this game! I'm currently working on getting it out on both Steam and mobile (Android only). It's a lengthy process and my first time doing it, so I can't even give an estimation on how long that's going to take. But it's gonna happen! Eventually! I have also been toying with the idea of making some simple merch. Just a poster and some pins, probably. I'm mostly just worried no one is gonna buy them heheh... Anyway, that's it for this update!

- Kyanite Heart


A Potion For Chamomile - v1.1.0 PC & Linux 116 MB
Sep 27, 2022
A Potion For Chamomile - v1.1.0 Mac 81 MB
Sep 27, 2022
Art Collection 6 MB
Sep 27, 2022

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THE NEW SCENES ARE SO GOOD....!! Some nice and fun expanding on the original plot....!!

Thank you for 

<< T H E   E X P A N S I O N >>!!!